New year resolutions or something close to it!


Hello folks! It’s been a minute right? No, scratch that, it’s been a whole year! I know… the year 2015 flew by so fast, it made my head spin literally. I missed you guys and blogging. Sorry I took this long to write again, but I promise I am back for good now (fingers crossed).

So happy New Year people! I pray this year is better than last year and the previous years. I say and believe this is going to be my best year so far!

Most times people at the beginning of the year, write down new year resolutions; some promise to lose weight, take exercise more seriously, stop that bad habit, start a business, leave a dead end work and look for another, get married, get divorced, be a better spouse, parent or friend etc., the list is endless. I have had my share of resolutions that got abandoned half way through the year (oops did I just say that? You are equally guilty jor!) J

While having several conversations with a good friend of mine, who is successful in business and who I tell all the time, is way wiser than his age, I was able to get some success tips or nuggets that he has gathered over the years. These tips resonated so much with me that I have decided to share them with you, as a guide for you in making your resolutions through the year and even through your lifetime. We all want to be successful in our fields of endeavour don’t we? So, I have decided not to be selfish and share. In no particular order, here are the nuggets I got from a wise man (he’s going to be surprised when he gets to read this!):

  1. In your business, differentiate between your workers who are your “core” and those who are your “periphery” – He explained to me that your core staff are those members of your workforce who are almost like family, they are those who will keep the business running despite all odds. They have a sense of ownership of the business and would do anything to make it work. They are very loyal to their boss and the vision of the business and would make whatever sacrifice is needed to help in achieving that vision. They are not usually the best paid or visible, but are strategic and can be considered the soul of the business. These are your cores. On the other hand, your periphery staff are those that are important in the day to day running of your business, but are not strategically important to the long term survival of the business. They work for you strictly based on their qualifications, experience and the remuneration you give them, they have no stake in the business whatsoever, and can be hired and fired at will. The irony is that a periphery staff could be earning more than a core staff. However, the core staff have ownership and could become the pillars that hold the business as they build up on their experience and trust of the leader (the boss), while preparing themselves for leading the company in a new dispensation. That is more important than any monetary gain a periphery staff could be enjoying at the present. This saying by Sir Richard Branson easily comes to mind: “The most important people to your business are not your clients but your employees, when you take care of your employees, your clients get taken care of”. Now, if you are not yet a business owner who has employees working for you (like yours truly) ask yourself, which category do you fall into; are you a core or are you a periphery? (I won’t tell you mine, just think about it).
  1. Think far into the future and make your present decisions based on future projections and the constancy of change: I have a friend who has changed jobs like ten times since I knew her within the last 12 years. When I asked her why she does that, she said she needs a job that pays her better than the one she’s leaving. While I’m not saying that a better salary is not a good motivation to leave a job, I would say that there would always be the next salary better than the one you currently earn. According to my friend, “I can also authoritatively say that no one can pay you what you believe you deserve because for anyone to pay you that much you must be making so much more for him.” So how many jobs do you have to leave before you get satisfied? How much experience would you have gathered from each job before moving to the next? Can you guess what kind of staff category this kind of person would fall into? Yes, you got it right! Periphery staff of life! Think well before you leave that job because it pays less or reject a job only based on the salary, without considering all other benefits you stand to gain from it which exceeds the pay, like the wealth of knowledge and experience you would gain, the contacts, network of people you would get to meet which would help boost your future prospects etc.
  1. Work very hard now while you are still young and have the strength, for when you get old and don’t have any strength to work: Simply put, invest your energy now for your future. This may sound cliché, but hard work always pays in the end. That extra effort you make always counts and those that burn the oil always have the edge. That little pleasure or gratification you let go of, would be worth it in the long run. There used to be a time in my life when I thought I could not do without watching some of my regular TV shows or browse through all gossip sites on the Internet. I was surprised that when I decided to cut down on all those and face my work and other self-building endeavours, I did not even miss the TV and gossip sites. Need I say I gained a lot in terms of self-development and even got so much work done and money in my pocket too? So, hard work really pays especially now that we are still young. When you work hard now you can retire early and have enough time to enjoy the fruit of your labour. On the other hand when you start making money much later in your life, you would have just a few years to enjoy it before you die and some other people would enjoy your sweat in your stead. A word is enough for the wise.
  1. Understand that financial variables are not necessarily growth-propelling variables: When I talk about growth propelling variables I’m talking about attributes like loyalty, dedication, reliability, humility and integrity. When there is an opportunity to learn or grow in a particular job/ skill (growth-propelling variables), take it over and above financial gain and show dedication to it. I remember that a couple of years ago, I worked for a whole year as an intern at an organisation, without being paid anything. I worked as hard as the paid staff and was proud of and dedicated to the work I did. I got to work and closed at the same time as those who were fully paid staff. In the end I learnt a lot, gained experience, got to make important contacts and build a good network. So when a substantive position opened up at the organisation, I was immediately considered and recruited for that position. If I had given up half way or taken my job unserious because I was not paid, I would not have been considered for the job. So it’s not always all about the financial gain there are far reaching and more beneficial reasons to take a job without considering what you are paid or if you would be paid. When you do that, money would get attracted to you and you will have it in abundance.
  1. Attach little importance to material possessions – Yes we want to wear the latest clothes, carry the latest bags and wear the latest Loubs (Even me sef I want them well, remember these are not my nuggets?). Don’t attach too much importance to them, because they won’t last long anyway- clothes would fade, go out of fashion, get burnt down in a fire (story for another day) and so on and so forth. Work so hard that getting those things would not be a big deal and losing them would not even faze you one bit either.
  2. You need family and key long lasting friendships to give you a sense of belonging to a community- You also may never know when you will need a friend – No man is an island. You cannot live in this world in isolation. You need family and friends to take the walk of life with you. For your health and emotional wellbeing, form long lasting, honest bonds of friendships, so that when you become old, you still have people you call friends who you share great memories with.
  1. The same natural laws that governed the world from inception still govern it now– The law of sowing and reaping which we see in the Holy books exists up till now. When you give, you receive more than you give. I don’t know how many times I have tested and tried this law and it always works. Another natural law, in fact, the first according to Saint Thomas Aquinas, is that of self- preservation; we all want to preserve ourselves first and perpetuate our existence in every way that we can. Therefore when in doubt about your path, read the history books, read your about the world and how it came to be and how we became civilized, read the Holy books, and expand your present level of understanding. You will get a better understanding of how the world operates and you will be happy that you did. If you don’t know where you are coming from, how can you know where you are going to?
  1. Wealth follows one, people don’t follow wealth i.e. wealth comes to you when you have the capacity to embrace and handle it – Do you know that some people work so hard chasing after money and yet they still fall short of achieving their goal to make wealth? Yet there are people who do not work as hard yet wealth follows them everywhere they go? Yes it happens. Some call it good luck, but I think in addition to luck, it is a mental preparedness to accept wealth and the elimination of fear that brings wealth to the wealthy. My friend told me that you have to be mentally ready for real wealth before it can come to you. I am not talking about politicians who stole us blind or those born into wealth that may not have a real grasp of the realities of making wealth through hard work and determination. I am talking of those self-made wealthy people. Most of them cannot explain how they came about their wealth in the real sense of it. Mental preparation, ability, lack of fear and readiness to accept it, is what actually brings wealth, its like a force or energy that follows only those who are ready for it. So how ready are you this year 2016 to be a wealthy person?
  1. Change is a constant and is a must – An individual who does not adapt to change, would eventually expire or become extinct! Change does not happen immediately or in the twinkle of an eye. However when change occurs, it appears like it happened within a twinkle of an eye. What was unacceptable a few years ago has become the norm now e.g. acceptance of the rights of women, blacks, gays, and so on and so forth. Some people say the world has become more spoilt and is perishing, but I say that the human brain capacity and abilities have expanded more than it had ever been before now. We are evolving gradually because evolution is a must! It has to happen. This is the age of technology and in another 50- 100 years time, those of us in the present world would not recognise the world we lived in, it might not be the age of technology then but something higher and different. Everything would have changed exponentially. So the lesson here is open yourself to change and have an open mind towards things that seem different to you. Your evolution depends on this.
  1. To whom much is given, much is expected– Do not waste any opportunity given to you regardless of how you got it. If you really want to make something out of your life, work hard and don’t expect too much from anyone except yourself. People are looking up to you and you were created for a purpose. Find your purpose and pursue it diligently and you will reap the rewards. No one can make you who you are supposed to be except yourself and God.
  1. Lastly, make out time to connect with your source i.e. God -this is where and when you get your depleted energy levels restored. Make sure you relax and really take the time to ask for answers to your questions and bring your requests to God. The answers you seek may either come immediately or even much later. Also, when you pray, it is best to pray to God for wisdom, knowledge and understanding rather than for wealth, just like King Solomon. Need I elaborate on this? We all know what happened to King Solomon after his request to God.

There’s still more, but I will release them gradually… or not! These are more than enough nuggets for a start. So keep your eyes on the space, because I ain’t going no where :).

Have an awesome, fulfilling and successful 2016!


Author: Tosne

I'm a human rights lawyer and I love writing my thoughts down because it allows me to express myself in a permanent form. I like to see women succeed and empowered in all aspects of their endeavors. I'm a super mom blessed with wonderful kids!

3 thoughts on “New year resolutions or something close to it!”

  1. Wow as usual, a really refreshing and thought provoking article Tosin. Really watching this space ooo. These phrases got me: “it is a mental preparedness to accept wealth and the elimination of fear that brings wealth to the wealthy”, “when you pray, it is best to pray to God for wisdom, knowledge and understanding rather than for wealth”, “open yourself to change and have an open mind towards things that seem different to you”, “no one can pay you what you believe you deserve because for anyone to pay you that much you must be making so much more for him.” And this got me laughing hard “Periphery staff of life!” LOL. Looking for who to use that phrase on…


  2. Nice write up Tosne. Done if the quotes here made me ckncitde that the reason the wealthy get wealthier is because they invest time in developing themselves and framing the future now! Thought provoking…

    Liked by 1 person

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